1. Here is guideline for you to sell product online,  please follow step below. It will guide you to the  important step to upload your product.
  2. Submit a product before you start to sell product online.submit-a-product
  3. Write product name and descriptionproduct-name-and-description
  4. Write your product dataproduct-data
  5. Click “Add file” to upload you file (documents, video, audio) *Max file zise is 64MBupload-file
  6. Write product tag and upload product imageproduct-tag-and-image
  7. Select product categoryproduct-category
  8. Submit for review, your product will be posted after review.submit-for-review
  9. Then you may share you product at your Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Tumblr, and other social media
  10. Go to link here to open your online store. http://bestsellingebook.net/PO2
  11. Happy Selling.    
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